If you are a regular reader of my blog, or follow me on twitter or facebook, you know that we as a family love athletics, either taking part (my daughter), coaching or officiating (me) or cutting the grass and keeping the track tidy (hubby). So you can imagine our disappointment when we did not get tickets through any of the draws. So when a date was realised for ticket sales, we made sure we had a laptop available to try and buy tickets. What a fiasco that was, after working down the list of dates, we managed to secure 3 seats for Monday 6th August for the evening session, as a very expensive price, but it was once in a lifetime opportunity so it had to be done.

I think by luck we got a really good day

Mens 100m Victory ceremony

Mens 400m final

Mens 400m hurdles final and victory ceremony

Mens 3000m Steeplechase  victory ceremony

Mens Hammer Victory Ceremony

Womans 200m qualifying

Womans 400m hurdles semi-finals

Womans 3000m steeplechase

Womans Pole Vault Final

Womans Shot Putt final and victory ceremony

So I will let the pictures speak for themselves…..

I was using my little camera, but Beth used Stuarts and managed to get some real good shots

Holly Beasdale our Pole Vaulter in the final

Woman shot putter, preparing to throw!

Holly keeping warm between jumps

and they are off……

the home straight..

The crowd cheering …..

400m hurdles action shot

Di warming up!

me and Beth xx