So its time for my holiday, and you all may think yeah, but in my world its not that simple!

For me it means that not only do I have to do my normal work but I also have to do the work for the weeks while I am away!  That means paying wages, creditors, making sure all banking up to date, all invoicing done and all emails and queries answer. A challenge for anyone, but for me as I only usually do 3 days its an extra challenge. One of a draw back working for a small company, no relieve when you are off, it is only a small drawback as its a great company to work for.


A work collegue thought it would be funny emailing a couple of cartoons to me yesterday.

Looking at it, yes that was probably me yesterday I got into work at 8.30 and didnt leave till gone 6.30 but managed to get it all done, even though twice I thought I had finished and had to turn my computer back on. Eventually when I walked through the door to my house at 7pm I was drained and didnt really have the energy to do anything but watch a bit of tv, so glad it wasnt today I was away as I would be a complete wreak by the time I get to the airport.

But I also need to make sure all the packing done, house is cleaned, all washing/ironing done, beds all change and bathrooms cleaned. I have been told I have OCD before I go away and yes agree with them, but I love coming home to a clean house, fresh sheets on the bed and no washing in dirty bins.

So is all this added ‘holiday stress’ worth it, well yes it is because once I checked in and sitting in the departures lounge, I can begin to relax and enjoy my time away in a foreign climate, where I know its gonna be warm and sunny, with my family and there is no distractions.