So who is your best friend? Have u been friends long??

We havent been ‘Best Friends’ for long, we knew each other for a few years before we actually realised we had alot in common and it was in 2007 we began to start to spend more time together.

We have the relationship that we don’t need to chat everyday, we have busy lives so sometimes too busy even for a text, but know that if anything happened we would drop everything and be there.

We have our disagreements, but say our piece and move on, we don’t harbour grudges.

We have been away a few times together, once for 3 weeks and survived, and yes would do it again.

So for my birthday this year (as last year was written off due to 2 deaths in our families) she bought me a Pandora bracelet with ‘Best Friends’  bead on it. It is something I treasure and wear most days.

Our relationship is special and very strong, even though its not been a long time.