Ok so it’s our annual holiday time and one thing that is worrying my – the flight. I am used to booking my seats either in advance or when checking in.

I have used easyjet before but for shorter flights and not with the whole family, I am dreading the rush to get seats.

When we get to the airport it is not even saying where to go to check in, too early but the length of the queue by the time you get to the front it would be time. So rather than hang around we make enquiries, bag drop off are for those that have checked in online, the opposite side is for the rest. So we start queuing and I was right, by the time we get to the front, it was an hr and time for the flight check in, we noticed a group of people that had been sitting around start queuing, I so rather get rid of the cases and have breakfast and shopping time!

So we go through passport control and during breakfast I ask what gate it is? It is not, you have to wait for the gate number to come up, which is 9.05!

So 9am lots of people are standing in front of the monitors awaiting this information, 10 Mins later when it appears it is then a race to the gate. Stuart said that literally when you get there a queue forms straight away unless you are speedy boarding or have small children.

As we walk down, at a good pace you can see some actually running!!

So where the queue is there is a row of chairs, we all take it in turns to stand, only fair, so when boarding starts its not long before we get on board. They are sending you down the end of the plane, but we know half way up around rows 12/13 there is emergency exit seats which have more leg room. Know will they let us sit there with Beth? As she is Under 18, the stewardess was actually standing in the row, so we asked nicely if it’s ok to sit there, no probs -result 🙂

It was actually a breeze after that, so I would recommend getting in the queue as quick as you can then there is more choice where to sit.

I will also add the staff were all very friendly and helpful, even no entertainment, they offer tablets with films, music and tv shows for £7.50 and you can keep the headphones.