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Turkey Mince

Ever since I saw Nigel Slater cook a dish using turkey mince I was intrigued. I am trying to follow a diet and Turkey Mince is alot better than Lamb or Beef Mince.

Trying a few alternatives, I decided that I needed to do a cook up so it was Bolognese mince today.

This is the pot I use and you will see why in a minute. So the Turkey Mince cost me £1.97 for 500g, adding to it was 3 onions, some garlic, Bolognese mix, tinned chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and seasoning (personal taste I used mixed herbs). Altogether I think it has cost no more than £3.00 and what alot it made, a good 4 portions and at no more than 6 points (old weight watchers point scheme) very good and healthy.

I find it very tasty as Turkey Mince can be a bit dull and freezes well.


Well another week and now 3 of my internet friends have actually spoken to me –aaahhhh, coming from Essex I must sound really common/ East London, some have the illusion I am posh lol.

Its cold and i am comfort drinking, hot chocolate (options) and cup a soup and thinking its taking its toll, no weight loss or gain. Wondering what I can do, i am thinking of the green tea capsules, cant drink the stuff but wondering if the capsules would help.

Not a lot has happened in the world of me, work, home, sorting Beth out, they days seem to turn into weeks.

Weather getting me down, but trying to keep cheerful.

Saw my friend for the 1st time in a couple of weeks, its hard now seeing each other, we keep in touch by text, but great that we dont need to live in each others pockets to know what we mean to each other.

Kissmas competition starts Monday, so me being me (bossy and got to be in control lol) have set the group up so people can be contacted if their name gets called out. Last year I won my laptop and was screaming down the phone, which was constantly repeated on the radio – how embarrassing. So lets hope some others have the opportunity to do the same. Please make sure you let me know your details.

I started moaning that I was not winning off mse, well it worked cos had a few wins, one will be used tomorrow. Beth gets to sleep over at the Science Museum with 3 friends, and adult has to go as well, so good old Stuart has offered (or made to cos I wouldnt) lol.  Its not a bad prize, its for the launch of Raving Rabbids Travel in Time game, During the event attendees will have the opportunity to play the new Raving Rabbids Travel in Time game as well as take part in a treasure hunt, science show and watch an IMAX film. All attendees will receive a goody bag with Rabbids merchandise as well as a free copy of the game. Wow so all 4 girls will be pleased. 

So other wins include :

 A twitter win, great pressie for in laws

Another twitter win, was panicing i never had anything for my mates son, has solved the problem now. Won this with my partner in crime #teamalicat

Not sure where this come from but Beth and me had a chuckle as Stuart is grey, he was not impressed lol

Something else for Beth

Something for in laws

Another twitter win

Another twitter win, it didnt last too long before beth ate it lol

Guess what, yeap another twitter win

Well another twitter win, this was funny Stuart thought it was actually a can of WD40 and took it to use, its actually a radio

Sorry to be boring another twitter win

This is from my lovely friend @ali991, putting away for Beth

Sorry to be boring another twitter win from closer

This is a Luxury hair care treatment at a Hob salon, thanks Lakshmi7

Lots of shrek goodies thanks to suzih but included the lovely items below

6 OPI nail varnish in shrek colours, lol something else for Beth.

Have you all noticed a trend here, loads of twitter wins,mmmm do I spend too much time on there???

I  really dont know where the time goes, my last blog post was 24th October, well thats a lie I do, Month end took over. Trying to get ahead a few days throughout the month, so that there is some time to do the odd 76 pages of competitions on month end.  In case you are wondering I did it, dont know how people manage it who do the following day. One thing I have noticed is that I am not winning from MSE at the moment, in fact i know quite a few that are not, looking back on my prize log they are all twitter, facebook or postal wins, so why is that, looking around yesterday, there seems to be an abundance of newbies again. Martin dear we love you dearly but please stop promoting it, the loyal mses are not winning. But October seemed to be a good month in all with a nice healthy total, and some bits I can use as pressies.

So half term came and went, my daughter posted on facebook ‘did I blink and miss half term’. Erm no you was mega busy, lets look back sat 23rd 2 girls came and slept over, sun 24th you slept at a friends, mon 25th out with friend, tue 26th went to work at fords, wed 27th athletics, thur 28th lakeside, fri 29th athletics, sat 30th halloween party, sun 31st dancing. As usual mums taxi service was used. But it got me thinking as a child did i rely on mum and dad ferrying me around, no, I use to walk or get buses. So is it that we are alot more worried about the whole way of life that we have to keep a check on our kids so much. I dont remember as a child all the attacks, killings etc being spoke about, but they are a big part of modern life now. So was life 25-30 years ago better or not spoke about??

Lately I have not been feeling myself, suffering from a sore throat, headaches and migraines. I dont know what is causing it, all I know is that its getting me down a bit, especially when it comes to eating. I am getting fed up with food and my diet.So since my last blog, weigh in 25/10 lost nothing, 1/11 lost 3lb making a grand total of 17lb in 9 weeks. One thing I have got fed up with the boring stir frys and roasted veg. So decided this week not to have an internet shop, instead wandered around a supermarket looking for ideas, eating healthy is not cheap, I spent £22 just on veg for ideas. I made Nigel Slaters Squash and Turkey bake( ). It uses butternut squash, which is mashed, this can be flavorless, so made sure the turkey part was packed with flavour. I have never used turkey mince before and pleasantly surprised. I put the whole amount into 2 containers, each 6 points each in weight watchers, now this could feed 2 people with added veg, but as Stuart doesnt like butternut and tend not to each my food, i had the portion with nothing, well it was extremely tasty ( i did use more worcester sauce than what was said) and would definitely make again. So one went into the freezer for another time. Going to try to do  a weight watcher version of fish pie, using butternut instead of potato next. Its just hard, especially when at work, because Stuart usually starts dinner and cant really have complicated things to do, so usually ends up with a roasted veg and a chuck in the oven meal, so hoping this will give me a few flavoured meals.

Havent mentioned the building work lately, its still carrying on, slowly. Think its getting me down a bit, but this week he has actually started putting tiles on the roof and the windows and doors delivered. We have managed to save some money with the windows, as Stuarts Dad used to be a window fitter, so will do ours (with Stuarts help lol) and started with a window, so beginning to take shape. Something alot of people have ask, why are we having it done, when the bungalow was big and just us and Beth. The Bungalow is only a 2 bed, so no where when we have guests or Beth and her sleepovers, this way people can come over without disruption to other people in the house.

So today is Bonfire Night, please be respectful to other peoples properties and feeling, I have 2 dogs, where one is not bother Lucy is very neurotic with out the extra bangs, Stuart is at work so home with all my babies, hoping its not gonna cause too much distress for her. Honey is not affected by it at all. I am heading up the school today, got a task I said I would help with, we have a number of children that are not a level 3 reading in year 6, probably for various reasons, so I said i would spend Friday afternoon reading with them, I am gonna go out any buy First News, the childrens newspaper, hopefully will give them a bit of different approach to reading.

My darling Lucy, definitely a mummies girl and top dog!

Honey, a little princess, would love to be able to sit with mummy but cant because of top dog, a little pud!

Tomorrow is C DAY, off to London to meet the beloved Charis, love her to bits, she must of liked me to want to meet again, cant be that much of a freak then, lol.

Right pics time, deliveries from the last 2 weeks.

 Twitter win from @panteneuk

An item from the Hollyoaks cast clothes I won, Beth will love alot of them, so may give to her at xmas, the next few pics are the other items

Xmas pressie for a friends daughter

Not sure where this has come from, as nothing included with it, it would be helpful, even if just a comp slip, so cant thank anyone?

A postal win, would you pay £30 for this purse??

An idea pressie for father in law

A twitter win, ideal pressie for my sister

This is from recommending friends on the John Freida website £5.49 each!!! A nice little treat for ME!

A lovely candle a twitter win from @pschologiesmag

Another on of these, still none the wiser where from, so friends partner and my hubbie will have one each for xmas

Another twitter win, think a pattern is beginning to develop, i am on there way too much chatting??

Last but not least

This selection of items was from the most lovely @munchkim, with a lovely note. Gonna save for Beth another xmas pressie

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