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This is a collection of Numbersmy daughter has worn when competing

So its back to school and with most of the country its the job to get school uniform for the kids.

Beths school has changed some of its uniform and colour, but stated you do not need to replace it until the child has out grown the old items except SKIRTS!!

All girls can wear either Skirts or trousers, and this is still stands but there is restrictions now on school skirts. The school have gone to a local supplier and chosen 2 types of skirts you can buy, a line or drop waist pleated. So what is different to the skirts you can buy elsewhere, there is a small embroided badge on the waist band which is hardly seen, but a very dramatic change is the length of the skirts.

I can fully understand why the school has done this, often when dropping Beth off you see girls with very tight skirts that hardly cover their bums, not that Beth ever wore anything like that. But I did have a dispute on one occasion about the length of her skirt. Beth is tall currently at 5’7″ and has very long legs and very slim waist, so often has clothing that is not her age group, hence causing the skirts to be shorter than the knee, which the school prefers. As I explained to the school and did demonstrate this, if she wore the right age group of skirt, it fits with length but does not stay on her waist, and some even full straight down.

So we went to this supplier at the beginning of August to get a few skirts, she usually has pleated ones, so the a line one was dismissed straight away, so she tried 2 pleated ones on, again the correct size waist, falls short of the knee, and the next size up is too big. So the 1st option is what we went for, now will the school complain over the length, my argument is that I have paid nearly 3 times what I would normally pay for a skirt out of the supermarkets and it is from the designated supplier, not my fault Beth has exceptionally long legs.

We actually measured the 2 types of skirts the a line is 22 inches and the dropped waist is 20 inches both are a good length but fall short of the knee on Beth. The skirts are Β£12-50 for the smaller waist size and Β£14.50 for waist 26″ and over.
But dropping Beth off , I did notice girls with the wrong skirts, actually large belts is a term i would use, how long before they are told not to wear them? I will be annoyed if this is not addressed as with a large majority of school girls have gone and purchased the skirts at this inflated prices.


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