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Well the bookman came in and I often have a browse to see what they have this month and was pleasantly surprised. A box with ‘Salad on the go’. I was intrigued so opened and looked!

So as you can see there is 2 containers with attached forks and a small pot for dressings. They are brill, dishwasher safe. They keep the food fresh, the pot for the dressing is not 100% leak proof though, but all in all a good little buy. We have tried fruit salad in it but it does leak, but certainly traditional salads is safe.

Looking around the internet the price I paid is about average, and at £5 I am certainly pleased. I do find that one container is not big enough, so uses both each day.


Dove Maximum Protection

I am a bzz agent and was asked to review this.

A pet hate of mine is body odour. I always carry around a small anti-perspirant spray as you never know when you need it.
So was keen to try this dove product. I have tested other dove products and have not been disappointed.
The 1st thing I noticed is you wind it to use the product, so you know that the product is actually on the skin surface. It was scented but nothing too potent. The deodrant seemed creamy to touch and applied to underarms easily.
It did seem to stop any wetness, but did apply each day so cannot comment to the claim of 48 hour anti perspirant.
I also have sensitive skin which it did not irrate at all, even after hair removal.
Overall a good product and would use again.

Lathams Dog Food

I am a bzz agent and asked to test some dog food. It is vegetarian approved, but the samples I was sent had meat content, as was the bag I got with the coupon at Tescos.
I have a dog that has alot of allergies, so to find that this dog food was available and hyper allergic I jumped at it.
The Lamb and rice was the 1st tried, it was not very smelly and both dogs ate it with no fuss. They did not experience any stomach upset and my dog with the allergies did not have any rash or fur loss.
The Turkey and rice, was a success with the dog that suffers from allergies, but my other dog was not too keen on it, so had to mix a bit of the lamb mix in and then she ate it. Again no adverse effects was observed.
I will definately be buying it again as stocked in local tescos and dont have to order loads online.
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