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Nice sunny Friday evening

I had a bee in my bonnet while the olympics was on, I wanted to see the rings on Tower Bridge, so one Friday evening I dragged the family on the 40 minute train tide to London.

So as we walked from Fenchurch Street station down to the Thames, I noticed a sign post for the Riverside walk. Something I never seen before, so as it was a nice evening I thought we could talk a stroll, and see where it takes us.

So back to Tower Bridge, as I expected it was very busy but it was a once in a life time picture.

So we started walking west along the river path, and decided to take a trip to china town and have dinner there as a treat πŸ™‚

Its not easy to see but current Olympic footage is being projected on the side of this building.

The Shard, looks unfinished but it is…..

HMS Belfast.

Sir Francis Drakes Golden Hinde, moored on the southbank side of the Thames

The Path is very well sign post, will all the roads and any interesting sites marked clearly.

Liked the look of this building, think it is Southbank Building, near Southwark Bridge.

Tate Modern

taking in the view…….

Shakespears Globe Theatre, seems tiny next to the Tate Modern!

The Millenium bridge, pedestrian bridge from St Pauls to Tate Modern

This is the Sea Containers House, covered with a giant picture of the Royal Family.

Capturing the view with the millenium wheel before we leave the Thames Walk Path for the Embankment,

An olympic lane, nice and clear

A police box, an unusual site

Just capturing Big Ben and Houses of Parliament in the skyline.


So we leave the Thames for the Embankment tube station, so go to China Town for something to eat. It was a great easy stroll, making a change to our friday evening.

Decisions decisions, where to eat?

As I have just been to Eqypt and took a trip into Luxor I thought it was only fitting I posted something from there. This is from Karnak Temple, featured in the films Death on the Nile and The Spy that loved me.


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