So as a tweeter, I read many times about Soreen Banana Malt Loaf. I have to say I do like malt loaf and not tried the banana type until recently.

I was in Asda and just noticed it on the shelf, mmm do I be a devil and get it, yeah why not.

I shouldnt, it is even better then plain malt load and now I am hooked but there is a downside, it is more fattening than normal malt loaf. They also do lunchbox size, but I have to say I not fond of them, I like my malt loaf with butter, and found it very dry.

Normal Malt loaf, per 100g 310cal, fat 1.7g, sat fat 0.5g

A small lunchbox version but without butter I find too dry!

Banana Malt loaf per 100g 313cals, fat 4.1g, sat fat 1.3g


I will conclude by saying I dont buy it every week but once a month as a treat