My daughter has been asking about becoming a vegetarian for a while now, and I caved and gave in.

So what was the 1st thing I did bought lots of vegetarian meals, ingredients in order to make food for her. There are a good selection from Linda McCartney, Quorn, shops own mince etc. So my freezer is stocked up with these.

Saturday 15th she had bolognese using vegetarian mince, but that night was really sick and ill. I wondered if the mince was ok, so had several mouthfuls the next day, from what was left, and was fine, so thought nothing of it.

Friday 21st make her quorn beef in black bean sauce, and while I was out she was sick again. I came home to find her been ill again, so alarm bells started. Again I tried the food I cooked, to make sure it was ok and was. Working it out, she hadnt had any quorn products from the previous saturday to the friday. So googled – Quorn Ill sick and wow to my surprise found loads of cases of people being ill after eating quorn.

Scientists act over Quorn Health Effects

Can quorn make you ill/give you food poisoning

Can quorn make you ill

Alternatives to Quorn meat, it makes me ill

I could carry on but it seems that some people have an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients in Quorn or intolerant to it. So armed with the facts presented it all to the rest of the family, so is now reverting back to free range chicken and prawns in her diet now. She will have the Linda McCartney meals I bought, as she seems to be ok with that.

The bundles of quorn I purchased, well as I seem to be ok with Quorn, looks like I will be eating it!